Shawpnochura Hardware & Fittings

Our History

About the company

Shawpnochura Hardware and fittings is a promising construction materials supplier from home and aboard. The company is committed to quality and dedicated service since its creation in 2006 by its management members who already had decades of experience in the industry.

From the beginning we are conscious about price quality & lead-time. As result we achived customer satisfaction.  Then we add some new dimension Digital smart parking solution, now a days we find every residential or commercial building car parking is insufficient. Meanwhile Flat sale is very tough other hand safety issue. Very recent we introduce RFID Parking guidance & Duel parking system.

Today we sourcing new invent service support to acquiring modern durable product for your life easy.  &   utmost effort is given to ensure high standards of workmanship.

Shamim M Hassan

Founder & CEO